With the large open spaces surrounding the campsite, Mossø Camp Resort offers many possibilities to engage in sport: Football, beachvolleyball, jogging, swimming, sailing, and table tennis. And if you like to take a morning run, you cannot find a more beautiful spot to do so. The area also has a very extensive system of bicycle paths through particularly beautiful surroundings. You can rent canoes at the reception. Life jackets are compulsory and will always be issued.

Be careful on the lake – it can be very dangerous!

We gladly receive four-footed members of the family. But not all of our guest are keen on dogs. To ensure that everyone has a pleasant holiday, dogowners are required to show special consideration. The following rules must be observed:
A: Keep your dog on a leash
Dogs at large are a nuisance - and a danger to themselves and others. So always keep your dog on a leash and ask before you allow it to approach other campers.
B: The dog must not make noise!
Naturally, dogs are allowed to bark when they are on the alert or happy. But the dog causes annoyance on the campsite if it barks for a long time or does it often. So do not provoke the dog so it barks - and never leave it alone in the caravan or in the tent.
C: Remember to pick up after your dog
Walk the dog outside the campsite - and always carry a plastic bag to collect the droppings. Tie the empty bag to the leash when you take the dog for a walk, so everyone can see your good intentions. Bags are available in the reception.

If you observe these three rules, you and your dog are guaranteed to be popular with the other campers.


Overnight stay:


Voksne (p/n)

Dkk 48

16.5 m2,
4-6 pers/day

Dkk 450

children 0-2 years (b/n)


16.5 m2, 4-6 pers/week

Dkk 2800

children 2-12 years (b/n)

Dkk 25

20 m2,
6-8 persons/day

Dkk 500

Site/area (ae/n)

Dkk 30

20 m2,
6-8 persons/week

Dkk 3200



Overnight accommodation charge and electricity is included in the cabin rent (minimum 48 hours). In July cabins can only be rented on a weekly basis.


Dkk 22


Dkk 10

The season is from the 8th of May to the 30th of September.

All cabins are with refrigerator and kitchen with the necessary equipment for six persons.
The reservation period is from two o'clock Saturday too twelve o'clock Saturday. The cabin must be delivered clean and in good shape.

Bring along bed-linen, tea towel and towels. The price for the cabin are for parents and children under eighteen years. Other persons have to pay the usual accommodation charge